the force of the concept

Visual experience


Imagine that you have a space where you can place a shape, having an absolutely free form - whatever you want! Anyway, which will be the winner concept that will amaze everybody?

Visual experience
transitional space - Freedom stand, Leipzig
Whether we are talking about exhibition or shopping mall stands, even about shop design, today everything revolves around searching new customer experiences. All the designers are looking for shapes that can show new effects to remain in customers' mind!
Visual experience
mysterious interior - Jacques Lemans stand, Basel
In addition, we at Orange Cube are searching for appearances that also express brand philosophies. Of course, all the situations are special: we often design for rousing companies with folksy products, but we choose absolutely different solutions while creating something for smaller, more solid firms.
Visual experience
box concept - AXA OKÉ festival installation
Quite interesting to see how different approaches do we use. That's the beauty of our work - we always have to empathize with diverse perceptions, various marketing strategies, switching between them in no time.
Visual experience
 light, opened shaping - Nail&Go stand, Westend
Should we choose a cave-like, introverted form, or a tree-like sign that can be seen from far? Should the clients walk in or the thing is just for the eyes? Should it be an opened creature, central, asymmetric, or maybe a layered one? Whichever is the winner, it has to match the brand's unique personality.
Visual experience
premium transition - Pandora stand, Allee
If the outcome gives a good impression, calls for entry, and remains in the customers' memory, we have successfully reached our goal. To achieve this, we have a super team: by our creativity and presistence, we pair experience with any brand!

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