Evital pharmacy design

Cosmopolitan pharmacy on Corvin Promenade


A beauty-conscious pharmacy design in the new core of Józsefváros, center of the vibrant and exclusive Corvin district. Evital Pharmacy, opened this year with an international appearance, is one of our most mature pharmacy design creations so far!

The 800 meters long pedestrian street of Corvin Promenade is a result of a comprehensive urban rehabilitation, creating not only a new shopping, entertainment and residential area, but also a symbol and meeting point of Budapest’s 8th District.
An impulsive yet elegant pharmacy design is proper for such a high quality venue - this is Evital, Corvin!
Our new pharmacy was placed in an empty rental, so our creativity got a green light and fulfilled the small area with a range of special design solutions. By our health-conscious approach, we designed a pharmacy focused on health and beauty. To our great delight, owner had high design demands, welcoming our ideas of a fresh and natural interior with wooden slats and use of green, also giving space to plenty of product communications and illuminated surfaces.
On the walls, we placed open-shelf dermo product displays, and we designed a product stand freely available for customers to the middle of the room. We refined the rhythm of wall lamellas by rounded  furniture, ceiling elements and three-dimensionally milled premium surfaces on the dermo cash register.
With all this, our latest Evital pharmacy design represents not a local value, but a real cosmopolitan atmosphere that would fit in the heart of any metropolis, or even in an airport’s duty-free area. An international island on Corvin Promenade, where foreign students and workers living here are more than welcome!

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