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Shop design


How do we change a usual shop design to an exclusive and customer-tempting brand experience center? Our answers are strong concepts and a good many of greatly realised shop interiors.

Shop design
To create a gripping shop design concept, we always have to count with various conditions and avoid several obstructions. Though every situation is unique, we are going to collect some everlasting principles –
the big question is: what makes a shop design great?
Shop design
Let´s start with the first impression: an impulsive total effect attracts customers in a moment – a nice composition of opened, floodlit shopfront, potent colors and huge graphics can produce magic results. Even better if the interior´s design concept shows up from outside, creating a foretaste of later experiences.
Shop design
This way the customer journey has already started; a well-composed path to guide clients, delivering the brand image and its message. Planning this journey, we design the product placement system, creating focal points by shop in shop corners and highlighted displays.
Shop design
As a product range varies quite often, a good shop design must also contain a big load of flexibility: we design and build modular shelf systems, easily changeable brand boards and flexible displays, so that any new layouts can be lightly implemented. Impulsive communication has the same importance – and we always reach it by ligthing graphics and built-in screens.
Shop design
Suchlike planned Orange Cube shop designs instinctively create a pleasing customer feeling, enhancing impulsive shopping through advanced product presentation skills. As follows, the emerged positive brand experience results in a great total impact, tempting and impressing all the customers right away.

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