tradeshow stand design: the worldwide adventure

Tradeshow stand design


Tradeshow stand design is a space where any kind of shapes can be realized – here all designer dreams can come true, the only requirement is to create top-level brand communication. Let's see the best Orange Cube tradeshow stand inspirations!

Tradeshow stand design
An international tradeshow is a special dimension – even if it's about watches or healing arts,  flowing whirl, floodlight and the appearance of illustrious guests is warranted. This way also we builders and designers can escape our comfort zone, starting to work in bigger dimensions and with extravagant solutions.
Tradeshow stand design
Stand sizes are impressive: at this level of brand representation, a tradeshow stand often has building scales, with the height of eight or ten meters, hundreds of square meters, and one or two floor levels – in these cases, we start to work with architectural mass shapings, ossatures and functionality. Of course, minor scales are also common, but a smaller, more flexible stand must have the same wow-effect as a double-decker has.
Tradeshow stand design
Anyways, our hands are almost free, thanks to the tradeshows' separated, protected space. These great halls are like design incubators, with no wind or rain – and without these interferences, any design idea can be achievable. Totems, cantilevers, hanged parts, huge screens: this is our artistic toolkit to introduce a brand image and to deliver its message.
Tradeshow stand design
Usually our time to realize these top-level interior designs is very limited, and the challenge is even harder because of the large distance of foreigner bulding venues. In such cases we book accomodation for our builder team, pack everything on our trucks, and no bureaucratic obstacles can stop our enthusiasm.
Tradeshow stand design
Irvine tradeshow stand, ESHRE Strasbourg
By these tradeshow stand desings we create the brands' totally separate, unique world, where every element communicates the message of the company, amazing all the visitors with highly impulsive appearance. The exclusivity of the foreign cities, new people and stand designs contribute to this experience – this is why we think that tradeshow stand design is a great adventure.

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