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Shopping mall stand design


An impulsive design genre, in which we have more than ten years of experience. Shopping mall stand design is our important scene: let us introduce the most exciting Orange Cube stands!

Brow Line stand
This is one of our most loved topics: with stands, we almost have free hands and the opportunity to apply a bag of advanced design principles. In fine,
 we design and build shopping mall stands combining creative product presentation, brand communication and impulsivity.
It was a long way to go: most of the earlier stands were rather like furnitures, not counting with any brand design rules. Knowing this, our stand designs give the same important role to brand image and product positioning as to lighting and high-quality materials.
Info desk design, WestEnd mall
In the course of time, we have developed several shopping mall stand types. Our franchise stands appear at different places with the same look, representing the uniform brand image. Seasonal stands are variable creatures with flexible design, to deal with frequently changing functions and tenants. The third category is the information and service stands' world, that are not selling physical products - they are built just to introduce the image of the company.
Cortesi stand
Whichever type it is, we always count with the shopping mall's own house rules, such as maximal height, floor plan requirements and fire safety. Next to this, tenants have general needs like secure night locking and theft deterrence that we provide with our proven technical solutions.
At Orange Cube, we believe that a good stand is a well-coordinated metallic, joiner and decorational work, and hereby an independent interior design creation supporting a brand image with its aesthetic and functional values. Thanks to this great versatility, shopping mall stand design became one of our favorites!

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