Pandora shop design, Mammut

A shop design gem


Customizable jewelry made by Pandora inspires women around the world to tell the unique story of their lives. Shop design approach of the Danish brand is at least as characteristic: the individuality of their shop in shop store completed in Mammut Budapest, immediately stands out from the mall’s hustle and bustle!

Pandora is known around the world for its handmade jewelry made from stylish and high-quality raw materials, the appearance of which can be personalized to the customer's taste. We planned and built the shop design in Mammut along similar principles, creating a premium airport look that
instead of being integrated into the row of shops, became a brilliant dash of color by our unique shapes and proportion system.
Due to its great location, our shop design stands out from its surroundings – its free-standing silhouette at the entrance of the shopping mall can be seen from afar. Public spaces of the malls usually have open stands, but we designed an airport-like compact store to meet the premium positioning according to Pandora’s brand philosophy. Our choice of materials was influenced by fire protection reasons: on the customer's main path, we could place a closed unit only made of non-combustible materials - so the design of the entire shop is based on a unique steel lattice structure welded on site to achieve the final shape.
We then placed a custom-designed, striped facade cladding, adding rich details to the shop design with its plastic texture, and put in place unique curved glass panels to gently round the corners. Finally we aligned the snow-white showcases, storage cabinets and the cashier desk arrived from the Danish center, and hung the glowing spheres typical of Pandora’s shops from the pergola-like ceiling.
By our work, a premium shop design was created in Mammut, whose compact shapes harmonize with the jewelry sold there, making shoppers feel as if they have been in an airport shop in shop environment. The small jewelry box is an island of elegant self-expression - we love it.
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