Information desk design, Westend

The new wave of information desk design


Full image facelift and a new information desk in Westend shopping center! We present our infodesk concepts made for the mall’s design competition, with which we raised the center of the plaza into an extraordinary experience space.

Westend is the largest shopping center in Hungary and Central Europe, with a total area of 200,000 square meters, even ahead of the great Arena Mall which is the second biggest in the Hungarian capital by whole territory. The interior of the plaza is full of variety, like an independent city: its streets, squares, boulevards welcome visitors with different moods.
The mall changed its look last year: from the logo, the look of all their online and offline marketing materials has been refreshed, and even part of the “new wave” is the interior design renewal, first element of which is the new infodesk design.
We approached the design task – which is very close to our portfolio – with loose and soaring creativity. The goal of our liberated thinking was ultimately to bring the stand, as a work of art, on an architectural scale
to create a sculputre-shaped, fine art information desk design!
We had loads of ideas: among others, we made a spiral snake embracing levels, an exclamation mark breaking into the sky, an elegantly sailing yacht and also a Möbius ribbon intertwined endlessly. The common element of our infodesk designs is the neutral white color, the abundance of digital surfaces, and Pepper robot, known as the digital face of the information desk: the little figure uses artificial intelligence to guide shoppers with funny gestures.
With this, we created a digital and artistic playground in the middle of the mall, expressing the renewed attitude and positioning Westend as a brand even higher. We hope that a new wave information desk will soon be available in the most significant shopping center of Hungary!

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