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New startup just launched into the sky: ConnectTel stores have opened in Budapest. The futuristic micro franchise appearance took form both in shopping mall stand and shop design – let’s take a walk in Corvin and Duna Plaza!

Started as a small garage company, ConnectTel is now playing a prominent role in the Hungarian customizable accessories market. Our collaboration began with the design of Corvin Plaza shopping mall stand,
whose dynamic appearance defined the new focal point of the mall,
immediately setting the brand on a steep growth path. We also got a lot of work to do: our designers planned a series of stores, using and developing the results of the first project.
In Duna Plaza, the 15-square-meters area was slightly larger than the booth, but we had to translate all the solutions into shop design. The angled, tilted counter with its shiny blue frame may be familiar – however, we mounted the display to the top wall corner, also placed a large stretched textile wall graphic near the entrance.
We covered all the walls with rail panels to display as many products as possible, and provided ample light with cantilevered LED profiles. Below the product zone we put practical storage units and the stand’s proven work desk, then on the part above, a dynamically-shaped wall painting with a company slogan.
Our next shop got totally hair-raising lines. Behind the irregularly formed, transparent bluish portal, we designed illuminators suspended in a tilted plane, reacting to the shape of the counter. We designed Corvin Plaza shop to be a real flagship store, complementing the sports car concept of the stand next door.
All in all, the new ConnectTel franchise design stands out in the smartphone market with its unmistakable personality. By creating this brave and high-tech shaping, we developed a forward-looking, professional brand image, still having a lovable character.

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