The actual fever

Seasonal stands


Christmas, school start, festival season - every month has an actual craze that whirls the shopping malls. Let's see how does Orange Cube react to seasonal challenges!

Seasonal stands
bank party - AXA OKÉ festival installation
All the biggest holidays and festive periods have their own spirit and experience: in the winter, Christmas catches us with its decoration, then in the summer, lakeside bars do the same with their colors and tastes. Brands know this effect very well - every season evolved its product range.
Seasonal stands
Solaris seasonal booth
In turn, our job is to emphasize the brands' best side. This way, firstly we discovered the values of each great periods, gaining enough knowledge to make stand designs that can easily reach the seasonal customers' stimulus threshold.
Seasonal stands
 Tornai festival stand
To produce this, we organized plenty of creative meetings where we paired the seasonal feelings with those design tools that can emphasize the brands' special, periodic appearance. We can say that results are fascinating: our energies shaped fresh, impulsive stand designs that veritably seduce the clients!
Seasonal stands
Allee christmas booths
Next to this, we also created some technical developments that are kept in the shade. These are quite special stands: we reassemble them several times, transport them from one city to another, then leave them in storage for months - and they must remain original, without any mistakes. This way, we had to improve light, easy-to-build and really hard-wearing designs.
Seasonal stands
Bonbonetti christmas booth
In fine, our seasonal stands are great design shakes that contain loads of impulsivity, flexibility and detailed planning. We prepare them for fair: even if they were made for a feast, a thematic week or a festival, there are no customers who wouldn't remark them.

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