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Roadshow and tradeshow


Music, dance, whirl and impulses - festivals are cool things, and even more cool if they are moving. Now it's time to introduce our roadshow and tradeshow installations!

Roadshow and tradeshow
Törley mobile bar
Festive seasons have many layers: nowadays festivals might be organized by banks and also service companies, still full of programmes, artists and promotions. If a suchlike feast lasts for many days and appears at more places, it changes into a real roadshow.
Roadshow and tradeshow
Ra - House roadshow booth
We take part in these events with extraordinary and impulsive designs: as our creatures are the sceneries of the party, no way to design any boring stuff! Our show stand can be the spectacle itself - an experience for the visitors, emphasizing the organizer brand's values and coolness.
Roadshow and tradeshow
Budapest Bank tradeshow installation
Next to this, a roadshow is always moving, what requires high-level logistics. Because of this, we developed an artistic way of fast unbagging, building, disassembling and packing, plus a series of light constructions that can be moved airily.
Roadshow and tradeshow
 Vichy Consult roadshow stand
Tradeshows are a bit different: they take place in closed spaces - at great halls or conference centers - and they are rather "business-to-business", insider events. Since sizes are bigger and situations are more formal, here we change to a more serious design mood.
Roadshow and tradeshow
 bank party - AXA OKÉ festival installation
Whether it is a roadshow or a tradeshow, clients love these spontaneous brand appearances which are always positive surprises. If the surprise is a great stand design, it's straight way to success!

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