lightweight success

Installations for promotions


We love creating great things like multi-level stands or whole buildings, but size still doesn't matter for us. Now let's talk about small scales - welcome in the world of ultralight popup stands.

Installations for promotions
like Lego - Burn promotional desk
Next to our hundred-square meter, multi-level stand designs, we used to have some rest with a few tiny tasks: our secret favourite is the design of pint-sized microstands!
Installations for promotions
Legrand Céliane promotion installation
A one-day event or festival, with its smaller sizes and restricted frames, is a refreshing genre. Area is usually small, building time is very short, and the builders theirselves are two hostesses arriving with a little car - well, now these are the limits!
Installations for promotions
Vichy Consult promotion stand
No worries, our creativity gets wings: we design makeup stands, product displays or little counters made of superlight, unique elements, that can be assembled in a few minutes without any technical knowledge. If they fit in a bag, pop-up concept is achieved!
Installations for promotions
Swiss chocolate promotion stand
With this higher quality and professional look, we exceed the sea of mass-produced flags and roll-ups: we create better performance for a lower price. Because we don't want to stay with common solutions - let's stand out from the crowd!

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