impressive designs



Beautiful cars, pretty girls, crazy designs - things that attract the eye in a moment. However, how can be the first impression so great?

 OKÉ stand for AXA Bank - always in the limelight
Such seductive objects surely cause a strong, visceral reaction, the so-called wow effect. When you notice them, your saliva production improves, pupils expand, and you feel irresistible desire to know and to obtain them.
Bonbonetti stand at Arena Plaza: the Alpha and the Omega of the Christmas feeling
But you can also spot that your subconscious gives very short deadlines - it does the positive or negative evaluation in a few seconds. This is the time to catch the attention, so designers must do a really great job.
Maguro Strandcafé - steampunk ruin pub, elitism and festival feeling at once
Fortunately, we deeply know the way of making this kind of influence, and we use it quite often. It mainly works at brands that directly communicate with their customers: without this sudden effect, one could sell modish accessories, perfumes, jewelleries, seasonal products or even street food very hardly.
impulsive beauty care - Nail and Go stand, Westend
This way, our task is to give the brand a positive presage that affects customers before their conscious thoughts appear - so the subconscious, positive decision becomes the zero step, without any physical interaction. Needless to say that to generate this desire, we improved a greatly wide toolbar.
the print show must go on - Patria roadshow installation
Very important that we always use properly strong lights, harmonized colors and pictures, graphics with impulsive contents. We work with contrasted, dynamic materials, and design shapes that push the products in the front row. Stimulating environment above all!
a ring of happiness - Hoop stand, ÁRKÁD Budapest
Thanks to our impulsive designs, customers pair brands with positive experiences, immediately verifying the quality of the company's products. After building a number of such successful brands, we can bravely say: reaching the wow effect became our job that we love to do!

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