permutations and variations



In any way soever, we are going to talk about one of the 21st century's most important requirements - even if it is business, design or human personality, flexibility is always a big advantage!

Solaris popup store - modular and variable
In most of the cases, we are driven to flexibility by rationality. Companies often ask us to design a stand that can be built up in several variations and can be used in different modes, bringing diversity to the brand image. For a professional solution, two things are needed: a bit of fluency and loads of creativity.
 Hungarian Post Office becomes movable!
Herewith we step into the world of variable showcases, mobile walls and desks: our designs can be set up in a moment, having an impressive look in several different compositions. Next to this, we plan ultralight designs that two workers can easily move and frame up without any expertise.
 you can play Lego with our L'Oreal stand
Our flexibility has no boundaries - some of our stands are so variable that oftentimes we can also hardly follow the number of setup modes. Never mind: by this continual and stylish diversity, we always serve positive surprises for customers, raising the brands' image to the sky.
 G2 Cafe shop at Campona: convertible walls and gondolas, changeable graphics
Shop design requires the same approach. Here we plan unique product exhibition walls, where you can produce an endless number of variations by our custom-shaped separator elements. We also have to mention the changeable wall graphics that we use very frequently.
 Videójátékbolt.hu shop in Polus Center, full of mobile walls
Now you may see that our design outcome is always a result of a detailed planning method, started from an atomic level and improved with strict system approach, paying attention also to the smallest parts. This is how our stands and shop interiors become modular, moveable and convertible.
a modular concept: Videójátékbolt.hu at Allee BestByte shop
Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg: thanks to our fifteen-years experience, we have a number of inspirations if there is a need for variable design. The result is always unique, economic and multi-faceted - incredible outgo, thanks to a smack of flexibility!

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