Metropolitan wine cellar of Bortársaság



Sipping a good wine we feel that, we are one with nature for a short time. At this time we can see the vineyards, cheerful harvesting, barrels filling procedure and pouring the wine into our glasses. The Bortársaság shop design brings the atmosphere of wine cellars in a metropolitan atmosphere to us, where we can search between drinks freely.

When we buy a wine, we make a decision. We are able to know new wine regions and their products or we can choose our favourite one again or even we can satisfy the tastes of our friends. We can walk into the Bortásaság shop leisurely, because
the wineshop design helps us to satisfy our tastes and find a beverage which is the best for our mood.
Products are on shelves according to wine regions and furthermore categorized by quality. We can meet the special offer beverages on the top of gondola furniture and behind the cash desk, the short drinks are placed. The product range is wide and quality.
The speciality of Bortársaság that they store premium wines in a refrigerator, thereby we can buy a drink at the perfect temperature and at home we can have it with dinner immediately. Quality products are presented by brand-focused and custom-designed furniture, according to „Shop in Shop” conception.
The interior design of Bortársaság is characterized by metropolitan naturalness. When we take a look at raw concrete walls, natural MDF coverings and wood elements of furniture, we feel that
the built-in materials are presented to us with their pure honesty by the wine shop design.
Minimalist furniture ensures that wines and other drinks are able to come in front of our eyes and helps us to choose the best one for our tastes. In the shop, by the thoroughly planned area and product lighting system, every single detail gets the attention it deserves.
We can choose from the fruits of premium wine regions in a metropolitan atmosphere, but in the embrace of modern nature at the same time. Pure elegance and wine cellar experience are successfully combined by wine shop design.

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