Auchan Budaörs - Beauty Care Universe



People can express themselves e.g. through their dress or hair style, or even through their creativity and rise above the crowd thereby. We could list more other characteristics, but the essence is the same: uniqueness. In the world of products and brands, the situation is the same. We present you the Auchan hypermarket design.

It was very inspiring to give individuality to brands during the design process of beauty care universe of Auchan Budaörs. In case of beauty care products, it is especially important that they ensure reliability and high quality even by their appearance.
We emphasized and highlighted the individuality and quality value of the brands by the hypermarket design.
In addition to emphasizing the individual character of the products, we paid close attention to making the entire beauty care island shine. If customers are nearby, it immediately grabs their attention and encourages them to take a pleasant walk among its aisles. We achieved this effect by creating a separated, LED-lighted design ceiling about 4 meters high above the department, which visually divides the space. As a result, the focus is only on the impulsive space below and the products there, diverting attention from the industrial environment above the false ceiling.
The facelift was preceded by a lot of consultations and thorough planning, which resulted in the execution being done in an extra short amount of time. During the reconstruction, the hypermarket was in operation, so we faced exciting challenges due to special requirements. We worked in harmony with the store's team and, with the help of professional project management and logistics, we successfully completed the task.
Besides positioning the quality higher, the hypermarket design takes into account several other factors. For example, efficient and attention-grabbing communication, which
helps the customer to find the product that they feel most connected to.
The design conception considers it important to have an environmentally conscious and energy-efficient attitude, which strengthens customers' eco-awareness through material usage and design.
When refreshing the Auchan beauty care department, we built a bridge between customers and products by strengthening and highlighting the brands' character. We achieved all of this with the help of hypermarket design.

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