A masterpiece in every single bite



Drinking a hot espresso on an Italian terrace while munching on crispy pastries sounds great, doesn't it? We can board a plane for all this or even can experience it at home because the cafe design of Cortesi provides us this atmosphere.

There are many ways to break out of the usual routine of weekdays. One of the most pleasant forms of physical and mental refreshment is when we peacefully are with our own thoughts while sipping a refreshing cappuccino and we forget about the world around us for a fifteen minutes.
The cafe design creates an idyllic atmosphere and transports us to an Italian cobblestone square.
Sitting in the Cortesi cafe and bakery, we feel the harmony between tradition, modern perspective, and quality.
During creation of the cafe design, we focused on the importance of balancing youthful freshness with pure elegance. We designed a minimalist aesthetic where basic geometric shapes connect with each other, refined with curved lines. The premium quality is in the thorough details. Lamellar coverings, harmonious pastel colours, and natural materials.
We had to plan the Cortesi stand within a space already defined by existing columns. The challenge was exciting but we completed the design successfully by creating harmony between the cafe and the existing location. Even we can feel that the building was designed around the Cortesi, it fits so seamlessly. We also designed a "floating" frieze on top of the stand, which was a structural engineering challenge that we solved successfully.
Beside the unique ambience, the cafe design is accompanied by detailed planned kitchen technology
Cortesi offers a wide range of products, from a cup of coffee to a crispy sandwich or refreshing ice cream. To ensure the fast and efficient preparation and service of food and beverages, we planned in a detailed way the appropriate kitchen technology.
The traditional values and premium quality come together in one place. At Cortesi, you can be one with your thoughts beside a cup of coffee and a delicious pastry in Italian summer vibes by cafe design.

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