Aesthetics for teeth and soul



Comfort, calming nature, impulsive interior design and professional dental treatment. Things which are far from each other at the first sight, but there is a place, where you can get them at the same time. This is the MINDENTMENT dental design.

It was very inspirational for our team to work on a project, where the phrase "out of the box" really makes sense. It was very exciting to plan and realize a world, which can move you out of the standard process of creation with its complexity. We created such a special atmosphere around the world of dentistry, which represents a health-focused attitude and says that
 not only your body can refresh here but also your soul can recharge.
Entering the dental clinic, a very unique space is presented to us. We can see a LED lighted design ceiling which looks like a modern abstract painting and we want to bid on it immediately. This minimalist impulse is balanced by a concrete textured wall, which is surrounded by green Icelandic lichen. Two different materials in perfect harmony.
Sitting in the waiting room we feel that we are in a lobby of a "boutique hotel" and we are waiting for our luxury cosmetic treatment. The dynamism of LED lines on the edges of walls and ceilings makes the space fresh and impulsive.
This unique dental design is combined with high-level technology. The treatment rooms have a "high-tech" atmosphere. Sitting in state-of-the-art treatment chairs, the client can be sure that he can maintain the health of his teeth during the treatment with the most advanced dental equipment and tools.
The MINDENTMENT dental design is innovative and artistic at the same time.
It was an uplifting feeling to finalize the client's ideas and see that our plans come alive day by day. The project was very successful and fast by professional design and construction and flexible cooperation and effective communication.

Luxury environment and high-tech technology in one place, where the health of our teeth is in the focus.

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