Óra.hu shop design

The time gate


Space as premium environment, and time as an abstract fourth dimension. With our rule-breaking Óra.hu store, we opened a new gate to the most exclusive shop design values world.

The time gate
A watch can be just a tool for time measurement, but also an innovative design element, expressing and emphasizing its owners personality, highlighting its most positive sides. This is the approach of our latest Óra.hu shop design, where an impulsive product environment was combined with the most trendy elegance.
The time gate
In this shop design, we opened space for time – instead of the well-known, crowdy „watch shop” solutions, we allowed every product to show its own personality and message, and in fine, every watch appears with enhanced priority. This way,
we changed the ordinary multibrand fullness to swirling shapes, airy vitrines and endless light bath.
The time gate
We turned the whole shop into a great show-window – we placed all the displays to the inner walls, leaving only two 70” LED screens on the original storefront. Meanwhile, elegance level was raised by premium materials and hidden elements using push-open doors and storages, and a cutsom-made, zigzaggy portal lattice.
The time gate
By this project, we enabled a novel way of communication, where products and customers have been joyfully approached and customer experience raised to the top. This way, we created a precisely plannned multibrand store that sets new standards for Hungarian watch shop design.

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