Fehérvár Pharmacy design

The future pharmacy design


Pharmacy restoration is one of our team's main missions, so we were quite happy to work together with Budapest's leading medicine distributor. Here is the recipe for Fehérvár Pharmacy design!

The future pharmacy design
After many years of experience, we can say that Hungarian pharmacy design has grown into a separate genre that we enrich with great pleasure and forward-looking ideas. Our latest work is located in the center of Újbuda - this is the complete renewal of Fehérvár Pharmacy.
The future pharmacy design
Our first action was to create a health centered design concept: we changed the last century's mood by fresh colors, easy shapes and plenty of light, reaching an impulsive and healthy outlook with more opened product presentation. Next to this, we used arched shapes and natural finishes to create a homelike shop interior.
The future pharmacy design
As a part of shaping, we developed a new category management system, where the composition of lighting graphics, shelves and digital screens highlights the message of beauty and health. The result is
a professional product marketing, the essential of a 21st century pharmacy design.
The future pharmacy design
We also reached a higher technological level by installing an automatic pharmacy robot: the huge machine is a storage, a sorter and a server in one heavy person – to build it in, we had to lighten the existing slab first. Besides this, we used touch screens to ease the product presentation method, so customers can have special attention, smooth and professional service.
The future pharmacy design
This way we created a fully forward-looking pharmacy design, resulting a remarkable renewal and a well-perceived increase after Fehérvár Pharmacy's more than twenty years operation. Another successful renovation – a mission to be continued!

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