Solaris pop-up store

Sunglass experts


The meeting point of fresh trends, lights and exclusive design: Solaris means the top of the sunglass market. Let‘s transform these features to the best available pop-up store design!

Sunglass experts
Until 2016, Solaris has been the sunglass division of Vision Express Hungary, but the brand developed so fast that within a short period, it could stand on its own feet. The time has come to create its unique appearance, which took shape in a whole line of premium pop-up stores!But what does pop-up store mean? Imagine that we merge the positive properties of a shopping mall stand and a shop design: the result is a quickly and flexibly buildable creature with airy appearance, working as a mobile storefront thanks to its exclusive materials and lights, tempting customers with irresistible appeal.
An amazingly versatile marketing weapon – this is exactly what Solaris had been looking for.
Sunglass experts
In this compact shop design, every element has its own communicational role. Graceful logos at the top, mission statements on the frieze and turnable product displays everywhere that are reachable from many sides. We framed all of this by glass and glossy covers; the offcome shows a stand from outside, but a shop from inside!
Sunglass experts
In effect, we changed a shop in shop image into an individual brand, producing an appearance whose high quality has been confirmed by wide international success – our pop-up design does well in Budapest, Bratislava and also in Prague. Great effects: the resultful Solaris campaign is going to be continued next year!

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