Set-Comp watch shop design

The clock specialists


A place where experts operate with clockwork precision since decades. Now the quality service got its deserved frame: a new design watch shop on Ferenc Boulevard, Budapest!

Set-Comp represents a high level of professionalism; their products and repair services are based on long-time experience and the quality Swiss machines used during repairs.
It was about time to create a shop design that reflects this expertise - here we came into the picture.
To get the most out of this small space, we designed a generous concept: a single, elegant gesture made of an accentuated ceiling jump and a parallel counter-shelf connection, with a bit of asymmetry to lead the gaze and to organize the space. By this lively line-up, the shop interior seems to be deeper and gets a flowing dynamism.
The clocks' placement recalls the free-shelf layout, not forgetting about security: our custom-designed, heavy-duty straps are holding large glass doors, protecting the products. With bottom and top hinges, there is no need for corpuses, so shelves can be coherent and transparent, full of easily manageable brand displays.
The result is an expert place, where we proved the latest shop design principles. This way, Set-Comp got a fresh, high quality appearance, attracting both regular and new customers.

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