Pingvin Pharmacy, Szarvas

Pharmacy design on a large scale


A renovated building, a new apotheke. Here is one of our biggest works yet, the design and construction of Pingvin Pharmacy.

Pingvin planned to make a great progress in Szarvas: they were going to move to a more spacious place, and they choose a building offering many opportunities. Maybe few would have visionized the latest pharmacy design solutions here - anyway, one of Orange Cube's largest ever pharmacy design projects has started.
Our tasks were to create the complete interior and exterior design, to manage the constructional works, and to execute the officina. By these, the ex-pub could be transformed to a XXI. century pharmacy.
To change the function, a complete renovation of the building was needed, both inside and outside.
Our plan was outlined at first sight: we will create fresh, open facades and spacious officina, following the franchise design of the pharmacy chain. The size of the floor space allowed us to expand the services of the building, designing a reform health house in a separate business area.
We started with great demolition works. Outside, we removed the old wood facade cladding and the unnecessary fake pillars; inside, wrecked some division walls, a reinforced concrete staircase and the upper story connected with it. This way, we gave space to the new metal portal's great glass surfaces, and created a new corner entrance, leading to a transparent officina.
In the interior, we installed CNC cut, blown-painted cashiers, short and long gondolas, open shelves, and a dermocosmetics corner equipped with a quick cashier desk. We enriched the continuous space with suspended ceiling elements, unique leatherette sofas and wall-mounted communication elements, and helped customer's navigation by easily readable category labels.
The result is a brand new apotheke based on the latest pharmacy design principles, and a comprehensive renovation. So the complex project ended nicely, and the city of Szarvas enriched with a health house providing quality services.

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