L’Occitane shop design

Provence mood at Váci Street


A sunny French boutique in the heart of Budapest: the Hungarian flagship store of L'Occitane has been renewed by Orange Cube. Here is the story of our incredibly fast facelift and the creation of an authentic Provencal milieu in the center of the city.

L'Occitane's latest request was nothing less than bringing their Provencal sense of life to their revamped store in the busiest pedestrian street of Budapest:
let's create a shop design filled with Mediterranean, sunny feelings and attracts all the health-conscious customers.
As one of the first parts of the design process, we have completely rethought the look of the shop front. The goal was to maximize visibility: we used the largest allowable glass doors and custom-made glass panels to create a completely transparent facade.
Inside, the colors of summer sunshine and the floodilight coming from the large lighting fixtures take their strong impress. We achieved the natural overall effect through the generic renovation of the entire shop interior and the placement of design furniture - the warm-colored steel and wood-based design takes the visitor to a small town of southern France.
The result speaks for itself: the store stands out in the bustle of Váci Street from afar. Since the opening day, this impulsive shop design attracts discerning customers, looking for some visual refreshment and high-quality natural cosmetics.

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