Alma Pharmacies franchise design

Focus on health


Vitality, freshness and simple shape - just like a healthy apple. Let us introduce the newest member of health-focused pharmacy design: Vizafogó Pharmacy.

Our team got an exciting project to create an innovative and modern pharmacy design,
focusing on health and beauty.
Our health-focused pharmacy design was first applied among Alma Pharmacies to Vizafogó Pharmacy, Budapest. At this new concept, that meets all the pharmacy standards, we encouraged customers to do their shopping in a modern "open-shelves" way. In addition we also wanted to create a minimalist, modern design and a spacious, bright and open space.
Innovative officina design emphasizes the health-conscious concept through lights, fresh colors, natural textures and spacious atmosphere. The open-shelf design ensures the direct contact with products and customers are free to browse while waiting for medicine.
Advanced product communication and category management meet customer needs at maximum.
In the officina, we created such a bright atmosphere with modern LED lighting system which gives a peace of mind and customers come back with pleasure. The reconstruction process also flowed in complete calmness, for the pharmacist's satisfaction. We worked in two phases separated by noise- and dust protector wall, so that we let the pharmacy to operate without any disturbance.
Indoor design was applied in case of external facade too. The typical 80's building went through a complete rebirth. We worked with clean and modern shapes and created a unique gate element in front of the main entrance. As part of the renewal, walls were also repainted. Lighting surfaces emphasize the communication elements which were applied according to the latest franchise design concept.
We created such an innovative, health-focused pharmacy design for the Alma Pharmacies, which raises customer experience to a higher level. Based on our professional experiences we not only renovated a pharmacy, but we created such an atmosphere where compliance with regulation and the impulsive design walk hand in hand.

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