Orange Cube office design

Creative center at Marina Bay


The base of our designer team: Orange Cube office is the birthplace of our ideas and designs, also the home of our unique knowledge. A quick look at a creative office's everyday life.

Since its foundation in 2008, our office has been located on the bank of the Danube, but after ten years we completely grew out our tiny and beloved previous office. We needed a new, more spacious and bright place,
capable to present the professional competence of our creative interior design team, giving room for our future thoughts.
The new, seventy square meters space with its three and a half meters ceiling height, seemed to be convertible to a generous office design, having the potential for further expansion; we quikcly decided to move. Designer brainstormings started – leading to a clear, all-around office design concept.
A straight formula has been created: let’s place the designer and construction departments at clean-desktop tables, flipped under the ceiling as huge white stripes, full of lifey hidden orange LED lighting. These tapes are complemented by a custom-designed, yacht-like office manager desk and a meeting room, pulsating such as a neural network. Homeliness is also a priority, therefore we install comfortable orange sofas, natural wood-like inserts and lots of vegetation.
Thanks to the work of the construction department, our partner meetings and creative design sessions now take place in a pleasant and inspiring environment.
By the completion of the new office design, team mood and efficiency have been taken to a whole new level.
Along inspiring discussions, meeting room brainstormings and cozy riverside cafes, our table companies work together effectively to reach the best results. All the team loves to come here, even by walk, scooter, skateboard or bike. We have created a super creative workshop - a meeting point for a friendly designer community on the bank of the Danube!

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