MÜPA shopping mall stand

The stand of arts


Minimalism, soft colours and an LCD screen – still no products in boxes presented. This is a place where „products” are services; a place where you can purchase special artistic experiences. Our brand new shopping mall stand is a service kiosk for the Hungarian Palace of Arts.

The stand of arts
It is always a challenge to design a service kiosk, because here – instead of selling exact products –
abstract cultural and artistic services are offered.
In the light of this, our shopping mall stand communicates the main values of the Hungarian Palace of Arts: beaten performances and high-level services combinated with qualitative workout.
The stand of arts
Serious placement has an influence on design rules: we used only stretched lines that are organized to an orthogonal order. We divided the stand into two parts: a definite downside cube and an information totem. The totem has an illuminating logo at the top and a built-in LCD screen at eye-level that can show any digital content in a fine quality.
The stand of arts
We developed a low-key colour combination. As a background for the frontal backlit logo, the whole front is black; other surfaces and the minimalist interior are yellow. Besides its effective appearance, the kiosk has another significant honour: it can be moved easily thanks to the knock-down aluminium parts. Since the whole shopping mall stand is a metal construction, it has a grown fire-resistance rating that fits the shopping mall’s requirements.
The stand of arts
We produced the wanted effect using the right construction and efficent design, so we could express the Palace of Arts’ unique spirituality. The result: a fine concentrate of severity, modernity and quality.

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