Hoop shopping mall stand

A piece of fun


A piece of fun, or rather one of our most joyful projects! Miniaturized sweetshop made by Orange Cube: this is Hoop shopping mall stand!

A piece of fun
What does a donut mean to us? Since we love it so much, it means a lot: this little cake represents the modern, metropolitan pampering, with some traces of the original american lifestyle. So who could resist a project that produces a youngish and vivid sweets brand, and its lovely shopping mall stand?
A piece of fun
Hoop brand was made step by step, thanks to Orange Cube’s creative participation. The logo, the glasses and all the sweet packages, and finally the Hoop shopping mall stand
are all the handiworks of our designer and builder teams.
A piece of fun
Creating the brand, we focused on the target audience: families with children, even as younger adults, simply adore this toyful, fabular design and its various colours. We used hoops and donuts as design elements - but of course, in a simplified manner to keep the trendy, light image.
A piece of fun
Actually, behind the scenes this shopping mall stand has a professional technical background. In fact, the stand is a miniaturized sweetshop: it has a dishwasher, a microwave oven, a coffee maker, with the necessary drainage and electric supply; a lot of rounded, insulated show-cases with hidden coolers, some containers and the cash register. The central totem also fits with ease - and all this in a circle with a diameter of 4 meters!
A piece of fun
Hoop stand shows that we love making design that prevails among in shopping mall atmosphere. We formed a rounded whole, where donuts - as products - came to the front; now it is easy to yield to this temptation.

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