Experidance stand design

The dancer’s stand


Feelings and experiences, materialized by stand design tools - this is Experidance ticket
sales desk at Corvin Plaza, Budapest. May we have this dance, please?

Many of our colleagues are dance-lovers, so Experidance ticketing desk was going to be a tightfitting design task. We were happy to work on the plans, made four design variations - finally the most dynamic version won:
let’s make an impulsive stand design.
The new stand is small but striking. The dynamic formwork was carried out on all the main elements - we used irregular rectangle shapes at the illuminated counter front graphic, at the lines of the low back wall, and also at the expansion of the totem frame. The three aluminium modules can be transported and assembled quickly and easily without any special expertise.
We enhanced the visual effect with unique stand design elements. We put large, irregularly shaped stretched textile graphics to the front and the back, plus film-coated plexiglass logos and labels all around. The card holder is the result of our special product development: the illuminated plexiglass element also reflects the design of the stand.
This small project ended with great success, the stand attracts the customer’s eyes, and boosts ticket sales with ease. Our impulsive design began to bear fruit - feelings and experiences in one place.

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