Irvine Scientific exhibition stand design

Euro-Atlantic tour


Vienna, Barcelona, Denver, Boston - four exhibitions, four different brand appearances. Here's a good overview of Irvine Scientific exhibition booth, a stand that we designed to travel across continents.

Irvine sent us a quite uncommon request this year: design an exhibition stand that can be easily assembled for various floor plans, following both European and American exhibition rules. The goal is to show the latest research results and newest medical devices of the prestigious brand at any exhibition.
Besides a strong claim for modularity, our design also had to comply with American exhibition building customs. In addition to the unusually expensive labour power, construction time is extremely short at USA venues and, due to the long transport distances, the weight of the elements also matters a great deal.
A lightweight and easy-to-build stand design was needed, communicating with customers by all its surfaces, clearly conveying the professional messages of the microbiology firm.
A flexible molecule that can take up endless formulas.
The result is an airy exhibition stand with a luminous gate element, wispy totems and walls that can be assembled in various set-ups. We also faced the challenges of on-site delivery and construction management: our international tour was successful and Irvine Scientific booth became a flexible brand experience center to be built at most of the world's exhibitions.

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