ConnectTel shopping mall stand design

Smart flagship


Impressive shapes in Corvin Plaza, Budapest - ConnectTel booth got an extremely dynamic presence. Here is our new favorite project where high technology and stand design met in a particular way.

Mobile phone accessories distributor ConnectTel planned to appear at Corvin Plaza shopping mall: this was the time to a significant renewal of their entire stand design! We had the opportunity to create something really impulsive, and our creative energies were thoroughly unleashed.
The location gave an exciting challenge right away. Keeping the width of the mall's escape route, we had to leave the traffic area transparent, taking advantage of the complicated under-the-escalator position.
Our answer is a seemingly irregular, polygonally shaped shopping mall stand design,
whose sharp lines provide effective product presentation and high-tech formal reference at the same time.
Tilted sliding glass doors cover all the stand-front, bringing products into spotlight, occupying the widest reachable desk surface within the given floor plan area. The inside of the booth can be accessed via a special pocket sliding door, from where only a blade-sharp plexiglass, a built-in display and a totem reach upwards, emitting blue light into the surrounding space.
ConnectTel shopping mall stand became a flagship project: after its successful debut, a new ConnectTel store has also been opened in Duna Plaza, based on the forms of our irregular booth design. The franchise continues to expand this year – more and more people will meet the high-tech experience!

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