Home-like luxury



During the 24 hours of the day, we experience several typical stages. For example family life, relaxation, soul and body refreshment and work of course. Can we work in a quality and motivating environment while we feel that we're at home? Yes, we can by the premium office design.

It is very important to experience the "flow" feeling in our everyday. It's a state of mind when happiness and satisfaction takes us over and we can perform at our maximum level while we don't feel the pass of time.
We can create the atmosphere, where we can maximize our performance by the premium office design.
The process of planning the "dream office" provides us very exciting challenges. Our goal is to create a luxury workplace with a homely vibe. It is very inspiring when our imagination is free and we can dream the premium office design with no limits.
By satisfying customer's needs we can provide such an exclusive office which is a "boutique" style apartment at the same time. We make personal spaces for clients with customized details, thereby they can feel that the final result is their creation.
During design and construction, we use the highest quality raw materials in case of furniture, lighting, interior accessories and other architectural solutions.
We plan high tech functionality beside quality interior design.
It's important for us to provide a „technological safety” beside a home-like atmosphere. That's why we plan and build such systems which can ensure complex comfortability. For example innovative IT solutions, real "clean desktop" formations with hidden connectors and wires, detailed planned lighting systems and high-quality kitchen technology.
If luxury solutions, a homelike feeling and high-tech technology are united, the quality of the workplace is raised to a maximum level. The premium office design can combine them with success, creating the "dream office".

More pictures:
Reception design of Pharmainvest Zrt.
It is very inspiring when our client trusts us and allows us to renovate its reception area based on its unique vision. This is the Pharmainvest’s reception design.
Smart flagship
ConnectTel shopping mall stand design
Impressive shapes in Corvin Plaza, Budapest - ConnectTel booth got an extremely dynamic presence. Here is our new favorite project where high technology and stand design met in a particular way.