Allee dog drinking trough

Sweet droid for thirsty dogs


Have you ever been to a pet friendly shopping mall? At Allee, now puppies are welcome – a cool campaign we supported with a custom-made dog drinking trough robot!

Sweet droid for thirsty dogs
We are always amazed by Allee shopping mall’s openness and its continuously positive attitude that attracts surprisingly admirable results. Their latest project is to embrace animals – this is why they asked us to develop a fully unique robot for thirsty dogs!
Sweet droid for thirsty dogs
This little, but joyful task warmed up our creative energies in a moment, so we started designing immediately!
Our concept was to create a cute, robomorph being
that becomes the friend of both the dog and its owner.
Sweet droid for thirsty dogs
With the push of a button, the droid refills a bowl below, from where our puppy can reduce its thirst. As it finished, we can empty the bowl by the help of a pedal, so that the next dog will also receive fresh water. To materialize this pretty thing, we simply had to combine some steel, a little pump and a touch button.
Sweet droid for thirsty dogs
Using our funny construction is an experience not only for dogs, but also for their owners; and maybe that is the reason of its great success. We loved this refreshing, creative project – however, pets are a grateful public!

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