FreyWille shop design

Orange Cube all over Europe


We gladly work together with foreign colleagues: our latest project was built for a respectable Austrian jewellery brand at Parndorf shopping center. Orange Cube through European eyes, what an exciting challenge!

Orange Cube all over Europe
It's was always hard to gain the smart Austrian’s confidence, what is especially true for the well-known FreyWille jewelry. In fine, after ten years of cooperation we were asked to construct their newest shop design at Parndorf.
Orange Cube all over Europe
FreyWille is known for its message of well-being and noble transcendence, so the store had to be equipped with only the latest premium design solutions. Details like leather-covered showcases, painted oak-wood counters or the spiral stainless steel scarf holder raise the shop to the category of luxury stores.
Orange Cube all over Europe
We increased customer experience with some high-tech systems. Door handles were cleared away by our electronic touch card door access control, while we built in LED area light wall panels that give amazing backlights for the top products.
Orange Cube all over Europe
Transforming FreyWille’s luxury sensation to an architectural language was a highly multiple task that we carried out with pleasure. The new shop became a great success story that verifies the result of our job – we managed to fit the highest European standards and created a shop that represents true interior design values.

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