Kemenes Sweetshop design

Cakes in premium environment


Kemenes’s amazingly perfect cookies deserve only the best possible environment. This project was exclusively made from the best materials and the result has exceeded all the expectations!

Cakes in premium environment
The brand new confectionery is a place sorrounded with perfection: cookies, service or design - nothing less than the best. Biatorbágy’s latest and already known meeting point has brought out the best from our team, and the new shop design speaks for itself.
Cakes in premium environment
The task was neither small or simple: we transformed a capable, but aging warehouse to the city’s most elite design place - a real complex, large-scale architectural program, this is what we really love. The new terrace with its huge shaders was part of the project, so as the two-storied suspended ceiling and the enormous glass surface.
Cakes in premium environment
Here came the fine details, with the same solidity we’ve seen at gourmet cookies. The cozy shop furniture, the compact coolers, the rustic enamelled brickwork and the unique chandelier made from cups - all of it is a result of carefully selected materials and the devoted contribution of the owner, Edith Barta. The graphic artworks were done by Graphasel Design Studio.
Cakes in premium environment
The impact is marvellous: the surprisingly spacious confectionery has instantly got to the target of gastrobloggers, television crews and of course, cookey-lover families. Reviews are extremely positive. Finally, we believe that the incomparable achitectural desgin character truly reflects to Kemenes’s incredibly accurate approach and contributes to its breakthrough success.

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