Sweet&More stand design, Campona

More than seductive


A chocolate fountain, a huge gummy display and a built-in design freezer are among the tempting ingredients of Sweet&More stand design. Let's visit Campona now, the kingdom of delicacies awaits!

Those with a sweet tooth may be familiar with the former Schokoland stand, where a wide range of sweets was available. In the 2023 version of the stand design, we added a few shovels to this and
we have developed and irresistible impulsivity!
To radiate quality from afar, we strung all sides of the stand with LED lights and covered it with a continuous white-gray foil pattern matching the renewed image of the shopping center. We placed mouth-watering unique graphics on the covers, while the product range is revealed between them:
a cavalcade of colors and flavors, chocolates, and lollipops everywhere!
Let's take a walk around: on the shorter side of the stand, we find the three chocolate fountains of different flavors, the mechanics of which - just like the built-in shutters for closing at night - were hidden behind the slatted covers. On the longer sides, we placed the display coolers and the candy holder display with plexi shelves and a brushed steel effect, which attract the eye like a magnet. To create a sophisticated overall picture when viewed from the upper level, we turned the coverings into an optical false ceiling on the top.
Our renewed stand design has thus been very effective, and according to the employees, the popularity of the sweets has increased greatly since its opening. We can say that Campona shopping center has added another attraction: if we have seen the sharks and reptiles of the Tropicarium, as a way of relaxation we can also aim for the sweetest point of the plaza!

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Designer: András Zsuky
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