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Jewel box at Allee


Pandora made the distant women dream come true: they turned every woman into a true-born jewellery-designer. However, what is the common point between jewellery and stand design?

Jewel box at Allee
Pandora takes women's self-expression to the next level by using Charm modules, which allow them composing unique, personalised jewellery fullfilling their individual taste. Anyway, the creation of Pandora Shop design was suprisingly similar to this concept.
Jewel box at Allee
For us, modules were components of furniture provided by the brand. We had to tie these elements together carefully, and construct a whole build-up around them
- what a self-expressive project!
Jewel box at Allee
The result is a unique shopping mall stand design with curved ribbon panel cover - a high-end solution inspired by airport luxury stores. The storage room was hid behind a brushed finish, while the two large entrances, the wide glass surface and the pergola wainscot are forming an airy shopping area.
Jewel box at Allee
We achieved a shopping mall stand that lacs rigid modularity: the overall elegance and the individual, custom designed interior represents the charm concept, consistently following Pandora's progressive mentality.

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