Safe Wallet shopping mall stand

Purse experts


Beauteous purses, nice bags, prime accessories – with an impressive image, success is guaranteed! Happily, unique brand-design is a home ground for Orange Cube: let's see how Safe Wallet became the „expert of purses”!

Purse experts
In nowadays shopping malls, the image of products needs special elaboration. Malls are looking for individuality: the more original a brand, the more successful it seems afterwards. So when Safe Wallet asked us to re-design their complete company image, we knew that we have to work out a really exciting design character.
Purse experts
Our design has been set up along a gently humorous idea: we created a safe-like, dominants shape that has also opened and closed sections.
The general message is safety – the essential standard for each wallet!
Purse experts
The opened, wooden shelves are securely surrounded by the safe’s metallic surfaces. However, flexibility is fully assured: the shelves’ position is changeable, and they can be replaced by other elements. We paid special attention to the products’ lighting: strong LED light illuminates products from the front.
Purse experts
The completely new brand design, defined by the new shopping mall stand gave an exciting individuality to Safe Wallet’s products, and the company became really competitive. The success is confirmed by our female colleagues’ steady verdict – they would take home the whole selection!

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